Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The 411 on Stephanie

Hi -

I promised to answer questions about me so you can get to know one of your hosts for Croppin' In The Mountains.

So without further ado....

Can you tell me a little about you?

A = I live in Austin, TX and have been here for over 15 years now
B = I like to bowl.
C = I have 3 cats…Smokey, Turtle & Q-Tip
D = I am a Disney Junkie. I have been fortunate enough to go to Disney World every year since I was born…sometimes more than once in a year. I am looking forward to going back this year.
E = I am currently working for a development company as an Executive Administrator. I enjoy my job, but look to scrafting to feed my creative outlet.
F = I like fishing, but deep sea fishing is my favorite.
G = My goal for this year is to get everything organized. What a feeling that will be when that is completed!
H = I am hooked on Starbuck’s. I go several times a week for their Chi Tea Lattes.
I = I find a lot of my inspiration when I am under pressure.
J = I joined a group to trade ATC’s at the end of every month. We are basing our cards of crazy holidays. Check out the website: http://www.brownielocks.com/month2.html
K = Someday, I dream to go to Australia and pet a Koala.
L = I am lucky to have parents and grandparents who support me in my endeavors.
M = It is 5 o’clock somewhere…I need a margarita!
N = I am near-sighted…hmmm…did you REALLY want to know that? LOL
O = I am originally from Ohio.
P = I graduated from Purdue University with teaching degree in Elementary Education.
Q = My humor is a little quirky.
R = When I was a Junior in High School, I took Russian as my language and even got to go to Russia on a school trip.
S = I am single and waiting for the Cabana Boy of my dreams!
T = In 2006, I completed the Danskin Triathlon in Austin, TX. I still feel wonderful about that accomplishment.
U = I am udderly happy to be co-hosting this retreat for you!
V = I once caught a very, big blue marlin off of the Mexico coast. Dad caught a sailfish on the same trip. We were going to have them both stuffed until we found out the cost!
W = I am thinking about getting a Wii. They are coming out with Wii Fit and I thought that would be fun.
X = If I could have one super power, what would it be? X-ray vision…NO…I want to have the ability to be self-healing.
Y = I am thing about staying in one of the Yurts at Bison Peak Lodge. Looks like fun!
Z = I am zippy in the morning

What is your background in Scrapbooking?

I started scrapbooking about 8-years ago. I wanted to start making scrapbooks for all my adventures to Disney World. I also wanted to make some books about my family and my cats. I did start these albums, but I quickly got asked to make albums for some friends, getting sidetracked from my books. I was very honored to be asked by them and I know they loved the way their memories were preserved. But, as you guys know…one thing leads to another. I got very interested in making cards, altered notebooks & altered paint cans.

Because of my various scrafting interests, I ended up spending so much time in one of our local scrapbook stores, that they offered me a job. I had a full time job, but decided I could do some after hours and weekend work…and so I took it. I got to know many wonderful scrafters, learn new and exciting techniques, and even teach some of the classes there.

I have become a rubber stamp addict over the years. I am afraid to count the number I have! We will leave this subject...heheheehehehe

I have been lucky to have some of my cards published. My very first publised card was in a special publication called Creative Cards for Scrapbookers in 2005, I believe. I was so excited and get giddy eveytime I look at that book.Since then, I have been published in Take 10 Magazine. I really like instant gratification and cards that I can make in 10 minutes or less. It helps in the spur of the moment :)

What got you interested in holding a retreat in Colorado?

There are several reasons that really got me going on this event:

1. In general, my love of scrafting. I love to let my creative side out though sometimes I do have to prod it to come out!

2. The Owner of Bison Peak Lodge, Chelsea, approached me to ask if I would like to come to Colorado some weekend and teach some of my scrafting classes. I thought that would be fun and a great get-away for me. But, as I thought about it more, why couldn’t we have a full-on Scrafting retreat!! I talked to some of my Scrafting buddies…Amy & Kathy. They thought this was a great idea and wanted to help co-host this event. I talked to Chelsea and she embraced the idea. Shas been our biggest supporter!

3. In my duties as an Executive Administrator, I have had to put on many Christmas parties, meeting events, and a full 4-day weekend trip for over 100 staff members & spouses in Colorado. I found that I really like to prepare & host these events. Soooooooooooooo....here we are.....preparing for Croppin' In The Mountains!

Let me know if you have any more questions about me, Amy, Kathy or the retreat.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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