Thursday, April 17, 2008


Hi All -

I had to share! I won!!!

One of my very favorite blogs is Tracy's:

She always has so many wonderful ideas and I LOVE her ATC swaps! SO many awesome women crafters out there :) I am actually waiting for the next swap *HINT* But I won simply because she was showcasing a new artist...TINLA...who has some fabulous ideas!!!!

Thanks so much for the blog candy...I am sure "eating it up"!



La Alicia said...


Michal Ann said...

Hello! I saw your comment to JustMe and popped over. Are you still doing the cards to troops effort?

I know a card maker...

Let me know how your prior card blitz went, o.k.?

Sorry, no blog.

It doesn't "always" rain here in the Seattle area by any means but today's stormy. I'll give you one of my favorite blessings:

"May God our Father shower you with blessings and fill you with His great peace." Colossians 1:2b

Sincerely, Michal

Bronwyn said...

Hi! Sorry that I have answer your question here but I could not find an email address for you!
The lemon baking chips I used in my Lemon Loaf were from the Bulk Barn. Do they have that store where you are? i hope so. thanks for the kind comment on my Mom's special loaf!

Bronwyn @ Queen B Creative Me.